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A Letter from a former student

Hola Profe,

  I'm currently studying abroad in Sevilla, España and I think of you all the time, so I thought I would send you an email.  I can feel myself becoming fluent in Spanish and it's the most amazing feeling.  We often have tour guides that switch between speaking Spanish and English and I don't even notice when they switch because I just understand what they're saying.  In southern Spain everyone speaks with a lisp and drops the S sound on the end of words so gracias sounds like "grathia".  It is so interesting!  I'm taking 5 classes at the University of Sevilla that are all in Spanish- Cervantes y Quijote, Phonetics and Conversation, grammar, modern history of Spain, and flamenco as a method of cultural expression.  I have two professors that remind me of you a lot.  My history professor is very funny and has an energy that is very similar to yours.  My grammar professor takes the first hour of class and answers questions that we have about the language from what we hear just living in the city.  Then he writes on the board and teaches us similarly to the way you use el proverbio de hoy. 

  You remain to be the most influential teacher that I've ever had and I probably wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you.  I hope you always remember that who you are makes a difference.  Thank you for inspiring me. 

Un abrazo,

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